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    Red face Sounds like ...

    You have a P***ing contest going, there, with the guy who sold you the lens and that is unfortunate. Going forward, if you are going with non-manufacturer lenses, I think you have gotten the inside scoop on what to shy away from.

    That lens chart on the Dyxum forum will be a good guide on what to expect from almost ANY compatible mounted lens. Check there first and then ... plan your finances.

    Let us know where it goes from here.

    Good luck.
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    Sounds like the sort of expensive lesson no one needs.

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    Yes Don it is a bicker fest Which i tend to shy away from i was willing to work it out with the guy.I contacted him and he would not contact me back so ebay told me to open up a case to get a response from him and he didn't responde just turned it over to ebay and told them to take care of it then he wrote me that letter and told me i was wrong and i'd better stop the case right know . I told ebay and they said don't contact him and we'll make up our minds about the case in 48 to 72 hours. What they say i will go with. Thanks for your support. you guys and i will tell you the out come.

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