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    Seeking SD Card Reader


    I need to find a decently-priced, full-featured USB 2.0 capable Secure Digital ("SD") card reader to use with my Macintosh computers. Until recently, I thought I had one, but it quit working after only about 8 months of light use. What a let-down.

    Features that I am looking for:

    1: Quality/reliability; a good brand name that I can count on.

    2: Ability to read SD and SDHC camera cards, with SDXC capability a plus.

    3: Ability to read MicroSD cards (or any other SD variants) as well.

    Other features that would be nice...

    4: LED light, to indicate when card reader is in operation.

    5: Compact form factor, easy to use with laptop, easy to plug-in/extract, retractable USB connector OR a cover for the connector that stays with the unit even when not in use.

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    These things are worth about $0.02 these days. Just go and buy one from the local office supply store or if you really want over the Internet.
    They essentially all use one of a couple of chip sets and what you pay extra for is the brand name. None last a particularly long time and there is not much real world difference in performance despite the dubious claims on many packages so just buy the cheapest one that you see from a place that has a good return policy and you will most likely be happy.
    This is not a device that requires a lot of analysis and thought in it's purchase.

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