Hello, I've been reading digital camera resource since around 2007 and have used it to make many decisions in the past. I like the way this site is formatted, and although dpreview has improved this sites navigation and tests usually keep me here first. I just wanted to say thanks for the great website and would just add two things that I think could help, at least regarded camera reviews.

1) polariod digital cameras are no longer completely worthless; Purchased a 12mp i1237 clamshell special on an emergency buy last summer and it served me very well. Images had excellent color and iso performance was on par to my 3 year old PowerShot SD 950. For $60 thats acceptable. Vivitar is likely still crud though

2) you should do updates to your highend cameras, some such as the Sony Nex are strongly improved with newer firmware.

Thanks and look forward to your future work