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    Love how your captured the feel of the street. We got there 15 minutes before and left 15 minutes after - 2 minute walk to car. Norton Simon parking and bleacher passes, wahoo! Only 4 rows deep, unlike the monsters they haul in across the street (shown in photos).

    Seeing the piles of blankets, stoves in red wagons, etc being hauled by as we drove off, it sure looks like a great overnight party - albeit freezing cold.

    Here's a couple from our perspective: Been a few times - this one was awesome!

    The pooper scooper guys were a real crowd pleaser. A huge applause every time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peekayoh View Post
    I blame you "Yanks" for this.?
    unfortunately its not a race/ nationality thing. its a species thing.

    re: street photos, there isnt enuf grit in them to suit the intended subject matter imho. first step is to convert them to mono and see how it looks.
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