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    Question Best for low light: Canon S95 or Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 or something else???

    I have been researching small point and shoot cameras to find one that was good in low light. I take a lot of indoor pics of grand kids and it seems hard to get a good pic in low light without a flash: always seem to be unfocused or blurry as hard as I try to hold the camera still. I bought a Fuji FinePix F200EXR that was supposed to be good in low light. The one setting that takes a pic in natural light and then with flash is nice sometimes but I prefer natural light alone esp when taking pics of the babies as they don't care for flash too much..

    In reading reviews about the Canon S95, it seems to be a good camera for low light. I also like the Panasonic because it has a better zoom --which would be nice for beach pics and such--but have heard it isn't the best in low light.

    Consumer Reports rated yet a third camera, Samsung ST600 to be excellent in low light. However, it was only fair in camera shake --which could lead to some unfocused-looking pics.

    I also saw that Consumer reports rated one superzoom as excellent in low light, Casio Exilim EX-FH25. I looked it up on Amazon.com and it had a 5 star rating, but only 6 people had rated it and other reviews elsewhere weren't as good.

    Guess I want the "perfect" camera that has SOME zoom, fairly small size, good in low light. Don't know if they have come up with anything like that yet. So am asking for advice from all you "experts".

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    I'm going to suggest the Panasonic LX-5 along with one of their flashes (DMW-FL220, DMW-FL360, DMW-FL500) if you want to stick to a point-and-shoot.

    But really, a dSLR or a 4/3 camera sensor is what is needed for what you are looking for. These days, I use an external flash with my dSLR for indoor social pics.
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    Honestly, you can't get good high ISO performance from a P&S right now.

    The LX5 is "ok" up to ISO 400, the G12 is "ok" up to ISO 800 but they result in the same total exposure because the G12's lens is a lot slower then the LX5's.

    The end result is in "good" indoor light @ F3.3 your still way too slow at ISO 400 to stop motion even minor body/hand motion.

    You need a good dSLR and a prime lens with a very large aperture to do indoor lighting.

    Now that's not to say the Lx5 isn't a fantastic camera, I got one for christmas this year to have a P&S or the G12 but you need to be understanding of the limitations.

    I'd definitely consider a low end dSLR if you want fantastic low light performance along with a relatively cheap prime lens, like a 50 1.8 if you want those magical indoor low light photos.


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    Neither the Samsung ST600, nor the Casio FH25 are viable performers as all around cameras, even their low light photography is below par.

    If you want to stick with a P+S camera, the Canon SD4000 is a good choice with its F2.0 lens, but it only has 3.8X (28mm to105mm) optical zoom.

    Here is an SD4000 sample photo taken without flash at ISO 1600.


    If you want more zoom, take a look at the Panasonic FZ40 which has a special High Sensitivity Scene Mode. This photo, taken without flash, was taken at night using just 1 60w light bulb, mounted in a ceiling fixture some 8 feet away. The camera used ISO 3200.


    Sarah Joyce

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