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Thread: Sony A-580

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    Steve, you sure you got that right.
    My 3600HSD bit the dust a long time ago but AFAIR there were no manual settings.
    Being an HS(D) it obviously supports high speed shutter and ADI.
    Other than that it worked in wireless remote but not as a controller.

    So on camera it will work in TTL or ADI mode.
    TTL off camera triggered by the pop up.
    Ratio flash is only supported by A700 camera and above.

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    Lightbulb True Flash control

    As a "victim" of SONY/Minolta flash ... it does take bit of understanding to appreciate why you need certain things to get the full flexibility of the SONY flash system.

    Just a couple quick notes.

    Let's assume you have a SONY HVL-F56AM or SONY HVL-F36AM or Minolta HS 5600 "D" or Minolta HS 3600 "D" ( the generation I) units. These are mirror copies of one another and the same build, SONY or Minolta.

    First off ... the a700 camera does come with a restriction of what it can do with a HVL-F58AM Flash (top of the line) and the aforementioned flash units.

    To truly appreciate this issue:

    1) You have to have a HVL-F58AM. If you don't, forget about it.

    2) If you have decided to buy an HVL-F58AM to get ratio control over the generation I (SONY/Minolta) and generation II (SONY) flash units, consider picking up an a850 or a900, just so you can actually use it. (No, I'm not kidding.)

    3) Make sure you have the correct CONTROL settings set on the HVL-F58AM controller Flash.

    4) Make sure the "flash groups" are properly identified.

    When you get to this point ... you may get it to work.
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    for one thing if you are shooting animals you only want that flash going off once for the picture...I hate the auto preflash stuff...makes everyone blink

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