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    D40, 18-55mm Auto Focus problem

    Hi Guys,
    Been a while since I posted on here, but I was hoping I could get some advice.

    My D40 has been having intermittent focusing issues, this seems to localised to my 18-55mm kit lens.
    It will occasionally make a clicking/grinding noise and will not autofocus.
    I have also had the occasional error, where the camera does not detect that a l lens is attached!!

    I have previously cleaning the contacts on both the camera body and the lens.
    Upon inspection I have found that the contacts on the camera body appear to wearing. Has anyone else experienced this?

    Please see attached image.

    Do I need to send my camera in for a service/repair or is it due for replacement?

    Any advice appreciated.


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    Rather big picture, hard to quickly see what it is a picture of

    I am understanding that it is only the 18-55 having this problem and not the 55-200mm VR. I am thinking it would be cheapest just to get a new 18-55 if there is no problem with your D40.
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    Resize the picture (no more than 1028 pixels wide is the accepted norm) then we can see what you are talking about.

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    Hi Dominic, can I ask for it to be in focus too. It's hard to see the contacts in the above image. Suggest hold the point and shoot that I guess took the shot further back if necessary.
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    You absolutely need to send that camera in for repair. Have them remove "Canon" and put "Nikon" on it.

    Something looked strange with the large photo - the close focusing range was beyond the capability of at 18-55 lens. To see it "regular" size, I copied the file and brought up in Photoshop. EXIF data shows was taken by a P&S camera, the Canon Digital IXUS 80 IS, 6.2mm @ f8. Don't know what "Auto Mode 3" is, but does have a "flower" macro mode which would allow such close focus.

    How about a photo, resized to no more than 1050 pixels wide actually taken with the 18-55 lens. Also, check to make sure the lens hasn't inadvertantly been switched over to "M".
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