To batch process in Bridge / Adobe Camera Raw, select your RAW images in Bridge (click on first image and shift/click on last image). Double click first image to open in ACR. From ACR apply your chosen settings. Then, on the top left of the ACR screen, you will see a button for select all. Click select all. Then click the syncronize button below. A new dialog box will appear which allows you to customize which adjustments you want applied to all the other images. Click okay. You will then be returned back to ACR. From there you can click done.

If your shots were all under similar conditions, then a more universal batch process will work. If you're like me and tend to shoot multiple subjects under different lighting before downloading, then you might just want to batch process select settings, like sharpening, a basic contrast adjustment and a basic clarity adjustment. From there you can tweak the individual images.

For those who use Lightroom, batch processing is simpler. Click on your first image, shift click on the last of the ones you want to process together. Click on the Develop tab; apply your adjustments (the first image will be shown), then click "Sync...". A dialog box will come up where you can select the adjustments to be applied to all your other images and click the Synchronize button.