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    Nikon D70 r07 message

    I bought my camera when they first came out to replace my F3 of long standing. It has been absolutely great, and at the time something I could hardly afford so made sure I looked after it. However some years down the road and I have started to get the r07 message in the window when I take the picture, I cant find any references to this message or what it means, pictures seem to be fine, I have tried; removing the lens, re setting the auto functions etc, but it is still there.

    If I could afford to upgrade I would, but I cant so I have to find out the problem and try and fix it before it renders the camera unusable!

    Is anyone able to help ???


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    Found this doing a search on another site.
    Sounds like could be same thing.

    The r07 is not an error message, but only indication that 7 pictures at current camera settings will fit in the internal camera buffer.

    r07 mens that the buffer has remaining (r) space for additional seven (07) pictures to shoot at maximum possible camera shooting speed.
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    This used to crop up all the time but I haven't seen it for while now.

    As Rawpaw say the R07 message is NOT an error message. You will have been getting that display since day one of ownership it's just that you have probably not noticed it before.

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