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    Quote Originally Posted by Switchblade906 View Post
    If 50mm is close inside wouldn't 80-135 be REALLY close? I dont want to have to stand back 10-15 feet to take a picture of my baby......or my wife.
    You're being confused by too much information.
    As you never had a 35mm camera you don't really need to know about "equivelents" as yet.
    You have a crop camera which means..

    The 35mm lens gives a field of view approximating that of normal vision.
    i.e. The camera sees more or less what you would see at the same distance.
    As I've said, this lens is good for Baby pictures and distortion won't be a problem unless you stick the lens right in the Baby's face.

    The 50mm lens is a mild telephoto and good for Adult Portraits because the altered perspective is more flattering.
    The mild tele means you stand a bit further away which can be good in that it seems less intrusive for the model.
    To get the same FOV (Field of View) as a 35mm @ 4ft requires you to be 6 ft away approx.

    Some people like a longer lens still, say an 85mm, I'm not keen myself but ....
    An 85mm would require you to retire to 10ft approx. for the same shot.

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    50 is the new 85....lol...on small sensors that is

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