Good day everyone!

i am new here, guys i have a question i hope you can answer me, See i have a Sony A200 SLR camera, and i want to shoot some image in action (Sports) with the current lens kit supplied when i purchase my A200 whenever i take the shot on a fast moving object it's either the subject is blurred, subject and background is blurred or half of the subject is blurred and half is ok, i try to adjust the shutter speed and the apperture but it is still the same the max shutter speed is only 1/8.

Can anyone suggest me of how to capture a fast moving subject without getting the result blurred? or i can only buy new lens, if so, can you suggest me what type of lens is okay for capturing fast moving subject like 1/4000.

Thank you so much, hope you can give me advice guys....

i will be very grateful