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Thread: tripod heads

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    tripod heads

    I never liked these till i ended up with one that came with a tripod I bought...now its my favorite for stills

    ROCK SOLID ...no more sloppy ballheads for me


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    Thumbs up I hear ya!

    I have a selection of tripod heads to choose from ... and it usually depends on what lens is in use.

    The heavy stuff ... yeah, the gimble.

    The 200-500mm or 70-400 ... the grip ball (usually in concert with using the monopod)

    The 70-200 or lighter ... the hydrostatic ball or pan/tilt

    The primes ... under 100mm ... standard ball or pan/tilt

    I can also mount a ball head on the gimble to provide a quick-flop-over for portrait shots.

    The flexibility is the key ... and it is nice to have the selection ... as needed.
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    never said I didn't have a selection..

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