The big boy of the nikon flash lineup.

fantastic controls. adjustments are easy, intuative and fast.
excellent power and the zoom to 200mm works a treat. at short distances fully zoomed its almost snoot-like.
ability to modify the light dispertion from wide to centred and one other thing that i never use.
built very well
360deg head turning

its bloody big. and i mean freakin huge.
the overheating problem can range from the annoying to the downright "throw it in the f*cking river" frustrating.
its bloody big.
the foot is like half a mm thicker than any other nikon flash. this doesnt sound like a big deal but it IS ! cos it wont fit into any other nikon strobe stand OR some hotshoes. i had to change all my stands/ shoes when i got it. cheap to do but a real PITA.

would i buy it again ?
with the sb700 released the answer is no. the flash was worth its weight in gold with that interface but with the sb700 using the same interface only cheaper, then no..i would not buy this flash again. in fact the sb700 goes one up on useability with 2 switchs on it for directional light and for ttl/M etc. this is a superb addition.