How would you deal with an idiot like this?

This past weekend, I was covering a major college football game (in Idaho), and it was the biggest game ever played in that state, and arguably the biggest event of any kind ever in the state (crowd size, national media attention, more reporters and photographers than has ever been to a game at Boise St.). So in this day and age, you would expect security to be tight...

I arrive 3 hours before game time, and as soon as they start checking anyone in, I'm there, so it wasn't a last minute situation. The security person is checking bags and gear, as he should, so I open my bag and tell him "This is my camera, and this is my lens." (my 70x200) He takes it out, and decided he needs to shake it by his ear like it was a thermos bottle. He's probably never seen a lens that size, and has no idea how heavy it is, so in the process of shaking it, he promptly drops it! On the Concrete!

Fortunately, it survived ( ).

I leave not only the lens hood (reversed) on the lens, and also the bipod collar mounted, and that saved the day, because they are what took the brunt of the fall.

I tested it on the camera body then and there, and told him he should be careful, but I could tell by his expression and reaction that he still had no clue. He not only wasn't sorry he dropped my lens, he was annoyed with me for thinking what he did was a problem. He said he didn't believe a lens could actually have very much value.

So how do the rest of you deal with the unqualified (minimum wage can't get any other job) event security staff being hired by the subcontractors showing up these days? (There wasn't even a supervisor available to complain to!)