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    Question DX7440 Sub-exposure

    Practically all my pictures are sub-exposed, requiring substantial correction when transferred to a computer.

    I thought that the function "Exposure Bracketing Interval" might help me solve the problem. No such luck. Here is what I did and if anyone can help me I will be eternally grateful:

    Default setting came as +/- 0.3 with choices to +/- 0.7 and +/- 1.0.

    Sure enough, I took photos with all 3 settings. At 0.3, the camera flashed and the picture was under-exposed. At the other two settings I had no flash and the pictures came out with better exposure... albeit I could not tell any striking difference between 0.7 and 1.0.

    I am a bit confused since from what I read about the Exposure Bracketing Interval, I understand that the camera takes 3 pictures. But I can see only one. Which one do I see of the three? Can I get somehow to the other two and select one of those if it is better?

    Tried to set the camera to +/- 1.0 but the camera does not keep the setting when turned off and back on. Quite inconvenient!

    Can anyone help me? Or should I buy another camera?

    Wanted to do so but I am hesitant as the new cameras I saw do not have optical viewers (except the very expensive ones) and I am not comfortable framing the picture on the screen: not visible clearly in bright sun and since I am wearing glasses, I cannot see the picture well on the screen without my glasses. But I can frame it through an optical viewer without my glasses.

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    My guess is that you need to press the shutter 3 times if you have bracketting on.

    The camera will then take the first shot at -0.3 EV (ie underexposed a bit), the next at 0 EV (what it thinks is correctly exposed and +0.3 EV (ie overexposed a bit).

    If that doesn't fix it then read the manual.
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