Well, so far I'm not impressed with CRIS. I called yesterday to check on the status of my camera. The woman told me to hold a minute while she checks. She comes back with the camera had a lot of debris in it, and was cleaned out. Now this is simply a lie. The camera when not in use is stored in a water tight metal Haliburton case, the lenses are only switched out every so often, and then only indoors. Never had an issue with one dust spot. The body is immaculate with no dust on the exterior at all. So tell me how this camera could have a lot of debris in it. I called Pentax, and they told me they aren't finished repairing it yet. I told Pentax if they send this camera back with the same issue's I will not pay for shipping back to CRIS. I don't care for the fact that they won't let you speak to anyone at CRIS. At this point if they return my K7, and the issues still exists, I'm selling the entire kit, and moving on to Nikon. When will these companies learn, and stop making all these jeopardizing cuts. At this point I'm very upset with Pentax. I like their cameras always have since the Spotmatic, but I will move on if this is what they call a fix, especially after spending over $50.00 to send it in!