dr4gon, I think it's pretty clear by now that Sony underestimated the task it had on hand to catch up with CaNikon.
We all remember their unfortunate statement of intent in getting No.2, I wonder how many ceremonial swords were produced as a result of that faux pas?
Anyway, Sony had to do a complete rethink of their strategy along the way and the A7xx is probably a casualty of that combined with steps by the others.

Personally, I think Sony are doing a pretty good job given the circumstances. They have already demonstrated better Sensors with clean high ISO together with the new 15 point AF. If the A7xx/A9xx are at all better, I will be more than happy.

I don't care whether Sony passes CaNikon or not, somewhere a bit closer is enough for me.
Remember, I'm only with Sony because they are providing a platform for all my lovely Minolta gear.
More power to their elbow, I say.