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Thread: New PRIME glass

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    New PRIME glass

    Along with the gang-busting SLT cameras, SONY also release three new lenses:

    • 85mm f/2.8 SAM (Full frame)
    • DT 35mm f/1.8 SAM
    • CZ 24mm f/2 Distagon Planar T*

    I picked up the 85mm lens, because my other lenses either did not have AF in them or it took too long to "get there" with the MACRO's focus screw rate. Even with the (thank goodness) "limit switch", it was nearly unbearable.

    The IQ seems to be pretty decent ... and for the price (the alternative is nearly $1000 more), it is a definite bargain for the length, if you cannot pop for a 70-200mm f/2.8 right away.

    Just something to chew on, while you are awaiting your new SLT-α55.
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