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    Visiting Australia Next Month

    I'm finally going to be taking a vacation to Australia after 2-3 years of putting it off. It looks like I will be flying into Melbourne around October 20th and staying in Oz for 2-3 weeks.

    I'm still trying to find the best airfare and if I end up flying Qantus I'll do a stop over in New Zealand for a few days. It seems I'm going about a week or so too soon to take advantage of the best rates.

    I'd like to get together with as many of you who are free during that time period.
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    Melbourne here.
    Late Oct is school exam time and my daughter is in her last year at High School so the stress levels will be high and getting out of the house will be good. :-)
    If you are thinking about stopping in NZ and flying to Aus from there check Air New Zealand's prices as well as Qantas.
    PM me and I'm more than happy to see what we can sort out.

    P.S. Ever seen the Air NZ "nothing to hide" in flight safety warnings? It may convince you about which airline to fly. :-)
    (They really do show these on the planes)
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    New Zealand? Unfortunately there was a big earthquake in Christchurch

    If Queenstown was not seriously affected, maybe you can take a flight straight to there and pop into Milford Sound and hope for great weather
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    Lucky! Going to NZ and then Australia is my dream vacation. Hopefully one day when I am done with school I will be able to afford it.

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    Hey Rich we have laid on a little event to welcome you. You are coming to early in the season to be incinerated in a bush fire and the drought has broken so we can't either kill you with dehydration or drown you in last weeks floods so we have put this on. Hope you like it.


    Victorian Premier John Brumby is warning that a forecast locust plague has the potential to shut down the Melbourne Cup.

    Locusts are expected to devastate crops in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia this spring in what some experts say could be the worst outbreak in 30 years.

    This morning the Victorian Government said there had been early hatchings of locusts in the Mallee, around Mildura.

    Mr Brumby says the locust plague is expected to peak in late September and early October and could be one of the worst plagues on record.

    "It's got the potential to destroy a quarter of our agricultural crop," he said.

    "It's got the potential to close events like the Melbourne Cup day and country race carnivals, so we're doing everything we can to get on top of this."

    The Premier says two incident control centres will be opened next week to deal with the threat.

    "This is a war on locusts, I want to be absolutely clear about this," he said.


    They are estimating that there are 100 billion locust eggs in the ground so even with a large mortality rate there still should be a few around for you.

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    Adelaide, Australia
    Adelaide here, Dread Pirate Roberts is in Adelaide too, its wine country so if you are into wine this is the place to be! but like most people you will probably skip Adelaide for the gold coast but if you do definitely let us know!

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    It's just a shame it can't be December as i'll be back down that side of the world then once again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by K1W1 View Post
    forecast locust plague
    Best bring your macro lens then
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    God's Country - Australia
    coming to Oz and only going to melbourne ?
    sack your travel agent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rooz View Post
    sack your travel agent.
    promote them!

    Best wine region
    Spectacular scenery
    Best Food
    Best Coffee
    The BEST sports destination in the WORLD
    Public transport that works
    State Government that works
    Best people.

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