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    Question The SLTs are being shipped this week

    I don't know how to classify the SLT-series of cameras, because they really do not fit the true definition of a DSLR ... but actually act more like point & shoots.

    Sure, they have the novel idea of interchangeable lenses ... but then commonality tends to breakdown. There is no reflex optic for the viewfinder, because it is not optical, but electronic.

    1. Lens (Alpha Optic)
    2. Reflex Mirror (normal position)
    3. Shutter
    4. Sensor (or media - film)
    5. Position of Reflex Mirror (during 'shutter release')
    6. Image Focusing Screen
    7. Pentaprism or Penta-mirror
    8. Viewfinder Window

    It is a camera somewhere in between digital Point & Shoot and looks kind of like a digital SLR ... I would almost say it is a "homogenization", but not really.

    Should they have their own forum?

    Is there really room for them here?

    Hey, what about the NEX camera?

    Perhaps we can solve this by calling the "SONY Digital SLRs forum" the "SONY ALPHA forum" ... that blanket title covers it all (that is, when the NEX is sporting the LA-EA1 Adapter).

    Happy Labor Day ... the "summer" is officially over.
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