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Thread: Bokeh grabs 'em

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    Cool Bokeh grabs 'em

    I took an image of the Christmas tree, last year, with a high degree of bokeh ... and posted it on my Photobucket account back in December or January, I forget which. Anyway, in June, it suddenly and rather unexpectedly had 64,000 hits! Cripes, that's more than any other image I have there. Weird ...

    I mean, I like it an all. It reminds me of what things kind of look like after the New Year's Eve party and all, but I never dreamed it would be such a "hit." Literally!

    Even when they are out of focus, somebody looks at 'em! I wonder if you are drunk, it actually sharpens up?

    I got 26,000-plus on this one! I recall Frank saying he though it was nifty ... but, certainly not to that degree. LOL

    Anyone noticed a sudden increase in attention? or just, inattention?
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