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    Red face Image size

    Unfortunately, you lose clarity when this image is reduced/compressed. It is kind of like a panorama, in it's own way. The whole reason for its enormity is so you can actually clearly and identify each and every lens in it, with acceptable distortion, when you zoom in. It is not like a portrait, where you do not want to see every pore and blemish. I mean, who wants that? This is a technical image ... the next size down (see #1 posting in this thread) is almost impossible to determine anything with other than it is a lot of stuff! Hence, posting #2 with the attached list of goodies.

    The next page (probably this one) of this thread and all will go back to normal.

    If people take a few moments, as I have tried to do, to limit their never-ending scroll of text, it is quite "manageable."

    And I am seriously having trouble even considering that YOU would consider me, of all people, a "fan boy." I went through the Canon-cycle back in 2005-2007. I gave them a chance to straighten up and they, through their own GREED, refused to do the "right thing", in my book. So, out they went, lock, stock and barrel! I then went with familiarity and the "better" way to deal with older glass in low light.

    Perhaps the best solution to stability is having the option to use EITHER in-the-body or in-the-glass. That way, no matter what lens you use ... you have a CHOICE. Choice is good! Right now, neither camera system is doing that, but I originally had enough non-IS lenses to make the call and go with SONY. The Canon EOS 20D had me pretty "shook up."

    Currently, SIGMA has made two new lenses that offer in-the-lens stability (OS) to the SONY mount, but no matter what you do, you cannot do the REVERSE with Canon or Nikon. If your lens has no stability, you are usually sentenced back to a tripod at 1/30th or slower, for reliable imaging results. C'mon Rooz, what changed ... except the higher-ISO you can now shoot? In the beginning, that was not an option for most hobbyists.

    For now, my path is pretty much set with SONY, mainly due to my investment. That does not make me a fan-boy ... but, I will admit, I am enthusiastic. You want fan-boys? Go to Dyxum and start cracking on SONY. You get your "fan-boy" response, then. Heck, they may start bookin' flights to the "Land Down Under," just to get to ya!
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