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    i agree, video without decent AF is a nonsense.
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    Surely the multitude of Sony cameras released over the last 2 years have brought something new to the table ... how many times can they rehash the A200?

    With the exception of the new A33/55, they finally have something worthwhile to look at. Canon is taking the same route as Nikon, using the same sensor in several of their cameras, while making changes in the build, framerate, quality, and extra features.

    There's nothing wrong with releasing new products that use parts from your other line if you know how to do it right.

    I'm pretty sure 50D users aren't going to be upgrading to a 60D. I don't even know why anyone would want a 50D.... By now, I bet most would've jumped to the 7D.

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    All videographers are after is a full frame camera compatible with regular focus lenses...(something with a short register like the nex has is great but needs to be ff). We know how to focus...1080p 60-30-24..

    In the mean time..the 'red' is kicking everyones ass

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