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you cant be switching brands with every release just cos one model may be slightly better than another. the EXPECTATION should be that the a7XX would be better than the 7d since its got a full year worth of development up its sleeve since the 7d was released. you can be sure that if...and i say IF...the a7xx is a better specced model then the 8d will trump it again and so on and so on.

at the end of the day there are 2 things to help people decide. whats the system like ? clearly canon is miles in front right now when comparing the system options and the performance of its dslr's. secondly, whats the system's history like ? again, canon clearly in front. 2 years worth of BS dslr models hasnt done much for sony's reputation as a system of choice for serious hobbyists or pros. and their new dslr's follow the same vein really. people speak with their wallets and sales dont lie, sony if losing ground in dslr and its

sony needs 2 solid years of churning out high level models of quality rather than gimmicks before a lot of people take them seriously as a system of choice.
I cannot refute your expectation, my friend. I also believe that SONY has a solemn obligation to its "high-end" users. The intro cameras are low hanging fruit, in that regard. They are bringing their P&S crowd into the fold, as it were.

But, now that we have the intro-DSLR well-developed, as you surmise, it is time to cater to the demands of true artistic/professional photography for the line to truly develop. SONY has prepped the entire market for a revolution ...