I picked up a couple of aftermarket batteries so I have a few more on hand in preparation for football shooting season, and unlike any battery I've had before, after fully charging, when inserted, the camera powers up fine, and you can go to a menu, take a shot, etc. But after about 30 seconds, the message For "InfoLITHIUM" Battery Only appears, and then the camera shuts off.

The batteries are lithium ion, with the same power specs.

I see a lot of chatter about this problem with Sony video cameras, with a lot of crazy ideas about shorting the batteries to discharge them, and recharge them, etc. Most of it seems to be old postings.

But when issues like dirty contacts, etc., are eliminated, it seems to be an issue with the battery pack not having the chip to feedback the remaining battery power level, and the camera shutting down because it isn't receiving this feedback.

Anyone seen this message before on a Sony D-SLR, and if so, is there a resolution? Other than sending the batteries back and demanding a refund?

Also, anyone know of anything that identifies what aftermarket batteries work, and which ones don't, other than trial and error?