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    Thumbs up Wedding festivities

    My niece married her childhood friend ... and another couple join the ranks of "Married, filing jointly".

    My brother got her safely to the church ... and when they opened those doors ... I knew me and the Sun were going to have issues.

    After the ceremony, there was a three hour delay before the start of the reception, so I booked home and produced the next two images in 13" x 19" prints to quickly give to the bride and groom.

    They wound up being posted at the sign-in desk with other images of the couple ... and it was hilarious when the other three wedding parties at the reception hall were amazed and shocked to see the fresh-from-the-ceremony images ... posted right there. Even the "paid" photographer was a bit stunned. That EPSON 3800 can really bust some chops ... LOL.

    Anyway ... I have hundreds of images to sort through, but one caught my eye of the bride during one of the line dances.

    Shot at ISO-6400, I was able to increase my shutter speed and got some interesting results ...

    As the bride shook out a little visual magic on the dance floor ...
    Attachment 54530
    a850 w/ SIGMA 24-70mm f/1.8 DG EX IF HSM
    @ 24mm - f/2.8 - 1/60 sec - ISO-6400 - WB=Tungsten - Ambient lighting? - Handheld - SSS="On"

    Just a little more ...
    Attachment 54531

    It's ready ... everybody dance, now!
    Attachment 54532

    Stuff the wedding photographer would never experiment with. You need to bear in mind that the human eye cannot really see (real time) what the camera was able to capture, as the DJ's projection lights were constantly in motion and changing. I just wanted to share the dazzling captures ... and have people know there is a lot more going on than what you believe you are seeing.

    During their "first dance" as hubby and bride ... I went for an unusual lighting angle to produce a novel shadow effect.

    Shadow Dancin'

    Attachment 54533
    a850 w/ TAMRON SP AF 70-200mm f/2.8 Di LD
    @ 90mm - f/8 - 1/60 sec. - ISO-400 - Spot Metering - Manual - Mecablitz 75 MZ-5 flash down on deck

    All in all, an awesomely fun time was had by all, with singing, dancing and hilarity the likes I have not seen in ... geez, forget it ... this was a true original. The attendees really wanted to be there and they made the most of it.
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