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    Quote Originally Posted by Peekayoh View Post
    Until the late 60's, F1 cars were painted in My Grandmother said that it was unlucky to wear Green at a Wedding. Some Guys reckon any colour was unlucky.
    lmao...good one.
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    ROFL. Can't live with them! Can't live without them!
    The classical conundrum.

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    Thumbs up The little red wagon ... no longer draggin'

    Well, the red truck has gotten fixed and as such, normal maintenance woes of the 50,000-mile type have drained yours truly of precious camera funds, with the need for new tires, new brakes, a tune-up, differential service, transmission service, overall inspection and wheel alignment ... yeah, roughly $2000.00, but that beats the heck out of having to pony up a down payment for a new truck. Even the guy in the shop said, "You really baby this thing, don't ya?"

    "Not according to my brother," I replied, "he nearly stops his Avalanche when going over railroad tracks. That drives me crazy. It's a truck for goodness sake ... a 6600-lb one at that!"

    Anyway ... the "rolling studio" wagon drives a whole lot better, today. It should, because I sure am lighter the cash to get it like that.
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