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    70 all the time works for me

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    Thumbs up 9000th shot from the A850


    I bounded outside ... ... with the 70-400 G mounted on the α850 and took its 9000th shot, of one of our recent sunflower blooms. This image is 8999 ...

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    EXIF: a850 w/ 70-400 f/4-5.6 G SSM
    @ 250mm - f/14 - 1/160 sec. - ISO-200 - Spot Meter - Spot Focus - Fill flash (mecablitz) and Sunlight

    And of course, what the sun hath wrought ... GROWTH!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elisha View Post
    Anything above 25 Celcius is too hot for me.
    In fact my ideal temperature is 15-22C.
    are you crazy ? its 15-20 here right now and it sucks. i freakin hate winter man.

    Quote Originally Posted by DonSchap View Post
    @ 250mm - f/14 - 1/160 sec. - ISO-200 - Spot Meter - Spot Focus - Fill flash (mecablitz) and Sunlight

    And of course, what the sun hath wrought ... GROWTH!
    i think thats called nukeflash actually. lol
    is that you;re garden btw ? wow, with all those beautiful flowers bust out your macro man and get them bugs; looks great back there !
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    Winter here is way colder. More like -1 to -20 and wind chill factor on top of that which has been up to -36. So what I'm asking for is just spring/fall like weather :-D
    I just plain hate the heat.
    Canon EOS 7D


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    15-20 is not bad! 20s are pleasant. This entire week's high is just under 40 and so it's quite miserable being outside during the day.

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    For you Don

    >>Can you imagine ... all summer long ... no "bikini" shots from these newbies? It's sad ...

    Attachment 54547

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    That top shot just looks uncomfortable. But I guess that's the sacrafice one must pay to minimize tan lines.
    Darin Wessel
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