Finally I get my new Sony NEX-3. I have to say I'm very happy so far with my choice, and this camera is my first four third camera.

Why is NEX-3 better than other competitors:

The Sony Alpha Nex has better photo and video performance than Panasonic GF1 and Oly E-PL1, a smaller form factor than both and is cheaper than the Panasonic (though slightly more expensive than the Olympus which cut its price when the Sony was announced).

As for the Nex-3 vs Nex-5, 95% of people should get the Nex-3 because they won't benefit from the higher 1080i video resolution in the Nex-5 (not really a noticeable difference to the typical user vs the 720p resolution in the Nex-3). And with 1080i, you'll use up your storage space faster because of the larger file sizes it requires ( NEX-5 has got 4 stars from experts and many of them established 1080i standard useless, check it here: ). This is the biggest difference between the two models and will actually be a negative feature upgrade for most people because of the disk space issue.