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    Camera for 3 distinct uses for a novice

    Hi--I am a newbie to d.c. looking to buy a relatively easy-to-operate camera mainly for three separate and distinctive uses: 1. To take extreme close-ups indoors of earrings and rings to show details and markings clearly and vividly. 2. To take photos of pieces of clothing indoors that are dark in color (deep browns and black) and ideally be able to show details such as mono-tone patterns on the fabric. 3. To take a headshot or a bustshot of musicians performing center stage from back-stage/side of the stage which is usually very dark and is about 20-35 feet away; there will be some movement, especially of the face and hands but otherwise, not much. The available light onstage would be variable, dpending on the theater but the place I will be taking pictures from is dark. In all cases, I would like to be able to print 4x6, 11x14 and possibly larger. I would also like to be able to send these photos by email. Lastly, though not absolutely essential, if there is a feature that allows for both black and white and color photos, it would be a plus. I assumed that I would need a camera with good macro capability, zoom, image stabilizer or anti-shake, and possibly night vision capability. I was not sure of the necessity of the latter but since the flash will not reach to the center of the stage, I was wondering about this. Also, ease-of-use would be very important. From reading reviews and threads, I assumed that Canon Powershot SI, Minolta Dimage A1 or z3, Fuji S5000 or 7000, Sony F717 might be candidates. I would appreciate any guidance to specifc models that would best meet my needs. Thank you.

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    Panasonic FZ20

    I'm new to the whole digital camera world, as well, but from the research I've done, you might also want to look into the Panasonic DMC-FZ15 or FZ20. It has 12x zoom and has stabilization features (I'm not sure what the correct term is!). The predecessor (FZ10) had good macro-capability, too. I would recommend going to a store and handling one a bit. It felt too big and bulky for me, which is why I didn't get it. But it may be well worth your time to look into it.

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