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    Exclamation Could the SONY "Alpha One" really be near?

    HEARSAY ALERT! (In other words, believe it when it happens!)

    Recent word-on-the-street is saying that SONY is submitting patent for a Pellicle-based DSLR.

    If this is really true, this could be the butt-whopping, dream shot of achieving ~14 fps from the current 24.6MP Full Frame Sensor. I would love to see TWIN-matching RAID0 memory slots just to quickly improve the overall write speed and hold all those wonderful images! A camera with that kind of speed and resolution just allows for sports images unlike anything currently available in a true "stabilized" hand held format. It would be a true stake in the ground for consumer quality photography and give the pros serious cause for reconsidering SONY as the camera to hang the business on.

    A successfully matched, proprietary twin/quad strobing, battery-conserving, "LED-powered" external flash would just blow the competition out of the water! The roar would be deafening as the "Alpha One" liquefies any contenders.

    I'll admit, recent events have not instilled much faith or patience in current product offerings, these days, but with a powerhouse optical device like this coming this Fall ...


    My faith hath been RESTORED!

    Personally, if they did go with a number "1" on this design, I would integrate it into the grip ...

    and then advertise with something like ...

    Get your hand around the new NUMBER ONE camera in SPORTS ... the ALPHA ONE!

    Attachment 53800

    Until now, only those photons you always missed knew what really happened!

    Then, I'd wrap the entire ad/commercial in the clearest, fastest, best-focused, f/1.8 indoor, sequence-shots ever produced.

    Corny, yeah, but absolutely demoralizing to the rest of the manufacturers. I tell ya ... "the glass is all ready and just waiting for this ride!" This could actually make photography ... well, the word "FUN" comes to mind.
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