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    Nikkor 70-200 VR 1 vs VR II Comparison

    Another thread

    Came across a 70-200 VR 1 for sale, new, going for around 130 less than the VR 2. Comparisons i've researched indicate VR2 version has substantially improved ability to hand hold shoot with this, but a comparison I read on dpreview forum (that i googled..) indicates stepped down the VR1 takes the prize on optical quality where as the VR2 doesn't improve when stepped down. Comparison also mentioned the VR2 resolution is better and it vignetting less on FX.

    As I don't own an FX camera yet and will initially use on my D300 but later will probably use on an FX body, and also will be likely using this on a monopod and not tripod what do others feel is the better to go for?
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