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    Canon 40D resolution settings


    This is my first post and hope that someone will be able to help me regain my sanity. In the last 5 years I have had a number of injuries to my head. The first was a near fatal off road high speed multi flip and rollover. I spent 6 months in brain rehab after that. Since then I have had 3 cancer/tumors including 2 brain tumors. One was removed and the other was not able to be touched so I had 4 months of radiation and it appears to have killed it. Bottom line is that I have holes in my memory and can sometimes seem a little slow or dense.

    I tell you that not for sympathy but to explain why I may need concise answers and a little understanding if I seem a little dense.

    I have recently started taking a lot of pictures again. Before my wreck I never went anywhere without a camera and could not wait to get home to play with PhotoShop. One of the many issues that I am having is understanding the resolution settings of my pictures.

    When you go to the menu on my Canon 40D I have quality set at the highest setting. It is the top one that is L and it says 3888X2592 [329]. So I take my pictures and when I transfer them to my computer and look at the details it says that the Horizontal and Vertical Resolution are both 72dpi.

    If I want to print the picture I need more than 72 DPI so what do I do? Why is it only taking 72 DPI?

    I am sure this is one of those "Hey Dummy" things. I have tried to look at all sots of tutorials and I just get lost and confused. Then I get frustrated and sad.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    DPI has nothing to do with settings, it is only used for printing. Most printers automatically choose the correct DPI for the size you are printing I think, but you can manually adjust it somewhere I'm sure. But it's not a camera setting, it's something on the computer.
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    I made a similar post a while ago:

    From what I understand the image is at 72dpi and its dimensions are huge in size - 4770 x 3178 @72 ppi = 66" x 44"
    When you reduce for printing you keep the same amount of pixels but they are cramed into a smaller space and so the ppi goes up.
    Reducing the image to 10" x 6" you should get 432 ppi

    This is done automaticaly by the printer if you just select to print the image or you can set it in your graphics program - I use GIMP and there is a "print resolution" setting.
    This actualy reduces the size of the image to get the resolution which confused me as I assumed it was making new pixels to fill up the spaces !

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