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    what an %^%^&^^%$$#

    ebay seller j.d.katz

    blocks people that never even had anything to do with him on the say so of others.............funny way to run a business........guess he doesn't want Paying customers...


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    I've also noticed Katz will do things like relist items that don't sell because they are priced too high at a lower price, but with a higher shipping charge, and a higher overall total price, or just relist for the same price that didn't draw any bids, thinking people won't notice. And some probably don't.

    He, of course, is free to do anything he wants, but it does NOT mean it is a reputable business practice.
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    after you read his cleaning how to, you'll be wondering if what he's selling is nothing more than a polished turd.

    it's a how to on making a pos look great to sell

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