So I'm finally going to hopefully (since it's not bought yet) get my first DSLR and I decided on the Sony a500 after reading many reviews and articles on it. I'm getting it in a bundle with the standard kit lens 18-55mm DT I also decided that the couple of hundred that I saved by not getting the a550 I'll use to include another lens into the bundle I'm already originally getting so my choices are either the Sony 75-300mm or the Sony 55-200mm my question is which one is better in your eyes and which one would you recommend. Or should I not get either one of them and just save up some more and get something better altogether?

Im a complete beginner in DSLR photography so this will be a learning journey for me lol Also I plan to take pictures of mostly wildlife , macro , landscapes , horses but also just anything that catches my eye Hope you can help