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    Cool group photo with nikon d90

    I am new to this camera and have to take a group shot of about 50 horses and 50 riders this weekend in a group shot. Any suggestions on where to begin. I have a tripod and remote. Oh yeah I want to be in the picture too. The weather is calling for a sunny day. I have a 15-105 lens that acame with the camera. Would one of the nikon d90 settings work or should I set it on auto?

    I tried to practice with the remote and it seems when you turn it off and back on you have to reset the remote. Is this correct?

    I hope this hasn't been too many questions but I really do need help!


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    For a group that large, unfortunate you don't have (or access to) an ultrawide 10-24 or so. As you are apparently new to the camera - and unknown photography experience, would leave it on "A" or better yet, "P".

    For the remote and the time it will take as you arrange the shot, go into the menu "pencil" custom settings, menu "c" and adjust the remote duration to at least 5 minutes from the default 1 minute (page 180 of the manual). The camera auto resets back to the default shooting mode if inactive during that default 1 minute.
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    With that many large objects (horses) in the photo I think the best bet is to get a person to take the shot. I doubt that your remote will work reliably over the distance the camera will have to be from the subjects.

    To give you some idea here are 31 motorcycles taken with my D50 and 18-55 lens at 19mm. I was maybe 20 metres (70 feet) away from the bikes to fit them all in.

    With all the people and horses one shot is not going to do it. You will need to get maybe 10 or 12 at a fast frame rate to have any chance of getting all eyes open and all heads looking in the right direction.

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    If you are dealing with Hyperfocal distances, then you won't have to worry too much about all of them being in focus cause they should.

    But that also depends on which lens you will be using to see how far back you have to be!
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    I do plenty of group shots and I don't really see you asking the two most important questions:

    1. Lighting-- what time of day will you shoot and how will you light them?
    2. Posing-- will there be someone-perhaps you-to keep everyone in place and make sure everyone's face is visible?

    I say you'll need at least 5 helpers not posing in the image to help keep order. You're dealing with many people and animals.

    Where will you be taking the image? Is there somewhere you can high and shoot downward so as to get the back row's faces in the frame or will it be a group shot one deep and just a long line as shown above?
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    Hi photoweaver,
    I usually don't post replies because I am not as experienced as most other people here .
    But I have 2 tips for you.

    1. Set the menuepoint "c3" on your d90 to as many photos as possible. With such a large group you really want to get at least one good shot (believe me people and horses will move much more than you imagined)

    2. Decide some time before the photo is taken, where and when you want to take it. Think especially of the direction and intensity of the light (sun, fire, flash etc), and about the background and composition (The second step can easily be done before )

    I hope this helps

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