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    No Lens Attached?

    I've recently had a strange problem a couple of times with my A200. Suddenly, it has stopped shooting, with the message "No lens attached, shutter locked." a few times. Even though there was a lens attached.

    It doesn't appear to be a lens issue, because it has happened with a couple of different lens.

    It first happened about a month ago, after working much of the day on an outdoor shoot. I thought it might be dirt on the contacts, and did some cleaning, noting a little greasy dirt on the cleaning cloth. After that, it worked again for a while.

    Today, part way thru another outdoor shoot, it happened again. I swapped lens back and forth a couple of times, and had some intermittent problems. Then, it cleared up, only to come back a few shots later.

    I switched batteries, thinking it might be a power problem, coupled with a 60% depleted battery, even though I've run batteries down to 10% with no problems in the past. After a couple of intermittent mis-fires, it was fine the rest of the day.

    I'm a little spooked now, since I don't know when it might be unreliable again at the worst possible time, and I can't determine if it is a dirty contact issue (doubtful), a power issue, a firmware problem, or an actual hardware problem.

    A couple of times, just powering the camera off and on has fixed it. Other times, it seems re-seating the lens, maybe more than once, solves it. Or maybe, it gets better without doing anything specific.

    The 70-300 did a good job the rest of the time, though.

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