While I reviewed some other threads, I am not ready for radiopoppers or cactus (yet) and dealing with the delima of another SB-600 vs SB-900, with both primarily being used off camera, and the on-camera flash to trigger. Thanks to Nikons apparent annual 10 day closing down the supply for inventory, stores don't have SB-600's in stock (and also leads to rumors of being replaced). That leaves biting the bullet and going for the SB-900. Also, thanks to Nikons policy, it got me to looking at 3rd party flashes, which I am sure Nikon doesn't appreciate.

Amazingly, I don't see them discussed anywhere other than some random feedback from those that purchased. While they makes models that are roughly equivalent to the SB-600 (wireless slave only) I am focusing on what appear to be SB-900 equivalent (output and master capability).
SB-900 ($469)
Metz 58 ($399)
Nissin ($299)
Sigma 530 DC Super ($219)

Anybody have any experience with these with the Nikon CLS system...or just bite the bullet with the SB-900?