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Thread: SD Card Problem

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    SD Card Problem

    I used a 4GB SD card in a Canon PowerShot camera and took pictures. I am not sure if formatted the SD card in the camera. I am able to see the pictures in the camera disply. But if I use it in a SD card reader with a computer (Windows XP) I am unable to see any folder or files. Winows explorer prompts to format the drive (SD card).

    How can I down load the pictures befor I format the card?

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    Don't format it or you will lose your data.

    If you have a different card reader, perhaps you can try it there.

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    If you have the USB cable that came with the camera you could use that, though you should charge the batteries first just to be safe. When connected and the camera is in the "playback" mode, you should be able to tranfer the images to your comuter.

    Once the images are on the the hard drive, you can reformat the card.
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    Does your card reader support SDHC? If not, you'll need to get a new card reader. It may only support SD cards, which have a different file system.

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    I'm with SpecialK....seems the obvious solution.
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    If you are using a USB Card reader that you put into the USB spot on your PC; remove the reader, reattach the reader and then put the card in. That has worked for me. I don't know why I got the problem; it could be the pins were not set or I just had to reset the computer to recognize the reader. I am not sure if this will solve your problem but give it a try. If you are using a built in reader you may want to buy a cheap portable reader and try that as the built in reader may have issues that can't be resolved with the suggestion above. I use a multi card "mediaGear" reader. Pretty cheap. I hope this may be your solution, good luck.

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