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So If I put a 6.1 MP image from a Minolta 7D up against a SONY 24.6 MP there is NO difference, right, as we blow those puppies up and create a nifty 4' x 8' poster.
4x8 poster ? lol yeah mate...ok...thats 48x96 inches if my math is correct. NOBODY does this sort of size mate. lmao and if they did do it we're talking a fully pro shooter whos using medium format or at the very LEAST a d3x/1Ds, not some piddley toy like an a850/900. palease.

its like someone buying a 4wd cos some salesman says to them that its so good off road you can navigate everest when both the salesman and the buyer know full darn well that there is ZERO chance of it ever happening.

no wonder you love sony, you;re a marketing mans favourite person. a sucker for hype and corporate marketing speak.