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Thread: Protest

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    Red face While America dreams on ...


    it is simply a feud between the haves & have-nots. Those who have SONY DSLRs ... and those who don't. (They know who they are )

    But, hey ... when you put some bloke out on the street, holding up a sign ... stating a position ... who was never really there ... well ... what do you expect? Clarification!

    We are all getting our personal fortunes cleaned away by an administration hell bent on taking the higher aspirations of some and DISTRIBUTING it through the masses. That's not my America, that is for darn sure! Not all of us are waiting around to have the images appear in our cameras. We actually do something to make it happen. That's ambition ... and if anything is going to suffer by the hokem in government, that will be the first to go.

    It is hard enough to pry these kids away from their video game stations and have them get up to do something with their lives. Yeah, parental failure, for sure. The "Greatest Generation" is just slipping away ... and all we seem to be doing about it is burying them. We, apparently, have learned nothing from their experience and are doomed to fall into the abyss of all becoming "commoners", reduced to nothing by excessive taxation and the inability to make a decision without some government official blessing it.

    Okay, wipe your noses and let's all get back to supporting the poor, the wretched and those fun-loving game stationers, eh?

    BTW: I am still waiting for that T/S lens from Russia. I know, Rooz: "What's the rush?" Well, it appears that their shipping system apparently has no ambition, either. In the end, it is my kits "growth" that is stunted and my own personal work suffers. It is all inter-related. That's the part you seem to be missing and la machine grinds to a deafening halt.

    When I was a kid in school, the subject of "Lemmings" (<- click here for background) was brought up and the idea that mindlessly following the crowd could lead to rather ... unfortunate ends. At the time, I did not fully appreciate this insight, but there seem to be some rather scary parallels going on, these days.
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    i choose not to respond anymore cos it will get me banned. lol
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