Hi everyone.

We are coming down from the realization that, while we had a great stint with Kindle books and helping folks out at MobileRead, Amazon is not currently supporting Kindle book calls to be tracked....

So, we thought we would find some new friends to help out.


Basically, it lets you search for anything that amazon sells - direct or third party, new or used. You tell us what you want, set the price you are wiling to pay (or of course, inclusive of less), and we do the rest.

We alert you (email, RSS, web page tracker, etc) when we see it.

Kind of like a set it and forget it. You can also potentially snag good used books that might get bought up by someone else before you even see it.

So, we throw ourselves to you. We have to assume that stuff like this would be helpful for textbooks and the like.

We like getting real feedback so we do stints like this from time to time during coding breaks.

Here's an older mobileread thread for reference :


PS - mods if this a no-no, please, feel free to let us know!

Fire away!