Hello everybody,

First of all I should say that I am NOT a professional photographer and I want to use the camera for home use and travels.

I want to buy a SLR Digital camera.
At the moment a Sony Alpha a230 is available in some shops in the Sweden for 3000 SEK (regular price is 4000 SEK).
I had decided to buy a canon eos 1000d (4500 SEK).
Now, because of this offer I want to know that how much is the difference between the quality of photos taken by canon eos 1000d and sony a230?
Is the difference worth for 1500 SEK (about 100 Euro)?
I have found some sample pictures in dome websites, but it seem, these photos taken by professional photographer and the quality in both case is good, but I want to know the opinion of some people about the difference.

Thank you for help