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    Looked at the a500/550 today

    I went to the store and did a side-by-side test of the a500 & a550 today alongside my a100 and all I can say is, wow- the difference! I can see such a huge difference in the flash just with the naked eye, so I do feel safe that the pre-flash is much quicker on it than on the 100. I was dealing with the manager at a Wolf store who has a history with Minolta/Sony and he was aware of this "problem" with the pre-flash. I do plan to take my hubby in to do a "blink test" (very technical test for consideration of a new camera, I know) and we'll see how that turns out. He's a model candidate to be a model for such test, for sure. If it passes, I think I'm gonna go with the a500 and go for an upgrade. I feel like a cloud has been lifted at the possibility of making this problem better (a cure would be awfully wishful with his degree of bad blinking)! Thanks for your help!

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    A Blink Test seems very apposite in your situation. Good luck with your test and choice.

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