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    Send your homeless up here!
    We'll feed them and give them health care.

    The homeless in Toronto are homeless by choice cause they make more money in a month than a fresh university grad does!

    It's almost a career for them!
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    Elisha, I will pass that on to them next time I am in the city.Or maybe I should tell the Mayor of New York that and he can put them all on a few thousand buses and send them up.

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    Lots of 'professional' homeless around here....just watch them...hours later you'll see them drive away in their fancy new car

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    Years ago..at a gas station i had a guy begging for gas money ect ect...long story short..i see him come out of the liquor store...i went over and took the bag. And gave him hell....lieing sack of #$$%#@@##

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    When we are filming in the cities, after lunch/dinner i always have catering hand out plates to the locals if there are leftovers..

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    Yes Frank, I used layers and your later post shows that you've got to grips with the technique.

    Darin, could be you're right that I misunderstood Don, in which case Don, I apologise. You're also correct to say that "when it comes to the constant disaster of homelessness we continually fail to act" which was my main gripe and an issue our Politicians continually fail to address; note I do not condone those who milk the system for all it's worth whilst avoiding honest work. Were we to deal properly with the dispossessed and homeless, the professional beggars would be fully exposed for what they are and then the weight of the Law could be excercised.

    The fact that our so called leaders fail to deal with relatively simple local problems gives me little hope that they will have any success with the really big problems to come; diminishing resources, global warming, energy prices predicted to double in the next five years, an exploding world population that can't be fed (the rich economies are already buying up land in Africa and South America to grow food) to name but a few. I genuinely wonder if our priviledged western lifestyle is doomed.

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    Question What is an idea worth?


    The one thing you can be sure of is ... CHANGE. For better or worse, everything just changes. Oh, it was a lot slower way back when, when terrorists or assassins could not just hop a plane and put themselves in the middle of some country (perhaps a capital city), crossing borders they would have seriously be challenged to, long ago.

    Now, whip out the credit card and with a few pointed purchases, you can just about change history. Avoid the limited number scanners and its never been easier to get your point across. With our nation, literally, abandoning our efforts in Space (cannot say I blame the guys ... with all the garbage zooming around, up there, at 22,000 miles/hr ... it is extremely dangerous) ... the game is afoot on the surface.

    We live in "interesting times." The old Chinese curse has come true. All one has to do is flip on the "tube" and watch, there are things going on that are not just unusual, they are actually hard to believe. If it weren't for the occasional supporting images we all take, I would often be forced to say, "Yeah, right!"

    As for an apology ... I wish that would be all it would take to solve some issues, but this goes way beyond my observations or intellect. Most things man-made boil down to MONEY ... the root of all evil. Need to solve a problem? See a bank and make your case. Otherwise, we have to let Nature take its course ... because we have seen the "one man" solution and it is rarely enough. I know, I have a classic photograph that makes the point.

    'lest we forget, Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China
    Attachment 51899
    photo by Jeff Widener

    Yes, that is a pedestrian ... in a "marked" crosswalk, not a jaywalker. You need to know what happened next ... click on the photo.
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