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    S9100 with some issues

    I know it's older but I like it. I know it needs repaired but I was curious if anyone had experience with some of the issues I'm having.

    1. The AF lamp never fires, ever.
    2. This causes lots of af hunting
    3. Fresh batteries if left in the camera will be depleted by morning.
    4. After maybe after 4 hours of installing batteries pictures will continue to get darker and darker

    5. If I check for continuity from the first battery (left to right) I get tone touching the frame of the camera. Is this normal?
    After leaving the batts in all night the first battery is completely drained while the other three show 1.23volts so that isn't normal.

    Any advice thoughts would be appreciated. I bought the camera used for about 150 usd a year ago and it has always had these problems. It's my upgrade from an S5000. which was an upgrade from a finepix 2650. I love my fujis.

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