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    Red face Slapping forehead ...

    Wow, I must be speaking in tongues or something.

    My point was ... that just because something is NO LONGER PRODUCED by whatever manufacturer decided to quit the product, its inherent utility and value still exist. Buying add-ons makes perfect sense, extending the life and utility of this foregone product.

    I suggest that the SONY HVL-F56AM flash will be working long after many "idiot"-erations of the underlying DSLRs have been produced. They are available on ebay, along with the earlier and identical Minolta 5600HS D flash. This tool just does not lose its respective value, especially since it is a proprietary item for the hot shoe involved. If you have one, this ring flash adapter would be an valuable asset.

    If you, instead, have a HVL-F58AM ... you will probably have to figure something else out. The way this item is constructed, it does not appear to be very flexible and would require specific configurations. A solution for a select few.
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