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    Digimax V6-impressions

    Here is my impressions of the Digimax V6 6MP camera:
    The design is quite compact in a silver color with a small but easily seen LCD on the back and the mode dial on the back as well with buttons for exposure compensation (used to change ISO,exposure compensation,image quaility,and white balance),manual focus and display.

    A quality Schenider Krueznach Varioplan 3x zoom lens has a focal length of 38-114mm (35mm film equivalent)-which is slinghtly longer than most 3x zoom lenses (that go upto 105mm).

    It has Program,scene,aperture priority, shutter priority, and manual modes (the aperture priority, shutter priority, and manual modes are accessed view on-screen menu system), manual focus and continous shooting
    (single, 2 shots, 4 shots, 8 shots).

    There is a custom setting mode option (access favorite settings from the mode dial),and handily a night scene mode is on the mode dial.

    There are even adjustable settings for RGB color, color and sharpness and white balance options include a custom WB option.

    Macro modes:there's 2 a standard macro plus a super macro mode-for shooting close ups .

    And as well as saving images in JPG format, images can also be saved as high quality TIFF files.

    The Digimax V6 can either use a rechargeable Samsung SLB-1437 li-on battery (rated at 1400mAh) or handily the V6 can also use 2 AA batteries or even a CR-V3 battery (great for
    when travelling).
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