I am just wondering who all here gets paid for their photography. I am trying to get started as a semi-professional photographer and I am curios how everyone has their "pay plan" set up. I am really just doing this as an "affordable" alternative for people who don't want to pay a pro $800.00 just for a half day (or less) shoot of engagement pictures.
Also, I am really wanting to just do it to gain money to expand my camera gear (yes, more lenses than anything). I feel like I have a pretty good eye for portraits and such but I don't even want to dare venture into something as important as wedding photography. Is there anything I can do to help break through into this art?

And really, I am just trying to get ideas on any kind of pricing structure. By the hour; charge more for PP and printing photos...you know things like this.

I kind of have an idea on how much I would charge people but, I am trying to see if a need a rock solid plan, maybe give discounts to people who are hesitant, or just wing it....

Again, any input would be appreciated.