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    Photography for pay....

    I am just wondering who all here gets paid for their photography. I am trying to get started as a semi-professional photographer and I am curios how everyone has their "pay plan" set up. I am really just doing this as an "affordable" alternative for people who don't want to pay a pro $800.00 just for a half day (or less) shoot of engagement pictures.
    Also, I am really wanting to just do it to gain money to expand my camera gear (yes, more lenses than anything). I feel like I have a pretty good eye for portraits and such but I don't even want to dare venture into something as important as wedding photography. Is there anything I can do to help break through into this art?

    And really, I am just trying to get ideas on any kind of pricing structure. By the hour; charge more for PP and printing photos...you know things like this.

    I kind of have an idea on how much I would charge people but, I am trying to see if a need a rock solid plan, maybe give discounts to people who are hesitant, or just wing it....

    Again, any input would be appreciated.

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    Lightbulb Try this one on for size ...

    Try an internship with an established studio. Don't know where to look? Try the yellow pages or on the evil Internet.

    Call and you can quickly find out what is available and every photographer appreciates a hand lugging gear. They should be able to provide you with the pricing schedule of such an event and basically provide you with some real-time experience ... in the field, with a photographer who has probably had their fill of wedding shots..

    See how that works for you ... it is a pretty direct method for answers. Every geographical area is different.
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    I agree with Don. I have been thinking about finding a way to do something like that, time has just been a bit limited with a new baby and new job.

    Two things to bear in mind is that with posed portraits, lighting and relationship with the subject. Anybody can point an SLR, open up the aperture, and get a well exposed image with a blown out background. What makes a great portrait is the ability to capture the subjects emotion, and to light the properly. A shot in noon day sun is going to leave nasty shadows and harsh highlights. Good even light, along with at least proper fill, is going to be much more flattering and interesting. I'm currently doing a month subscription to kelbytraining.com, and getting some great stuff from there, in particular from Joe McNally's classes.
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    I do the full adwork for companies. 1000-50000..depending on what is involved..sets props effects

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    Thanks for the input....?

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